This is a detailed psychic service to address any three questions you need help with. Please know that nothing is set in stone, and we have the power to change our future via our decisions., our thoughts and actions all have consequences… it helps to be aware always :)!

So whether you need a perspective and help with a challenging issue , a problem or guidance with a relationship, money or career advise. Ive got your back! I focus on healing and empowerment and will only always tell you the honest truth of what I see aligned with your highest good! No subject is taboo… but there are certain things I am constrained by legal guidelines.. in those instances I will advise  around the Energy of what I see :)!

I will use astrology, tarot and oracles to psychically channel and connect to your energy; I am Clair Sentient and Claircognisant and have been doing readings for decades :)! 

I will need your full name, birth details  , a picture (not essential but it helps me to connect with your energy )

 I do not do questions related to death or gambling.  Timelines may be a little fluid because of free will  .   I always read from a place of abundance and your highest good. A picture is preferred but not essential, your date of birth and first name are required as well as details of anyone you wish to ask about.