Welcome to my newest Divination method,

I have fallen in Love with Charm casting and hope to offer multiple options customised to your needs in the future. This is the first of its kind in my store.

It is a briliant way to get quick insights into multiple areas of your life.  Along with guidance from Spirit around the same. Sometimes we wonder why there is an energy of lack in a particular area of our lives without realising .. another area may be draining our focus!  Equally in some cases we put so much emphasis into one sphere of our lives we may be crticially neglecting another!   So this reading offers a  perspective re what we need to pay attention to in the NOW! 

I have tried to keep it affordable . informative and quick.

I meditate on your energy and cast charms as guided… I then work with my Spirit guides to interpret the messages and channel any information and advise you are meant to recieve.

This is reading is meant to be concise and clear! If you have follow up questions its a good idea to select the one burning question option.

Anything related to health and finances is purely descriptive of the energy around you  , we would always advise you to seek proper professional counsel in these areas.

My work hours are 8 am – 8 pm. (India), 7 days a week so if you book within this period I should be able to have your reading to you within an hour of your booking.  If not it may take a bit of longer if you are in a different timezone but usually within 12 hours at the max.

Love and Light


Love and Light