Each of my readings are interpreted through Spirit and with tarot cards. I take each client seriously, with no judgement, and with an open mind. I always promise to deliver a thorough and accurate reading. But what is most important to me is that each reading is thoughtful and honest Life is a journey, and it is precious. With that being said, I have never taken a reading lightly. If a message comes through from Spirit that must be said, then I will pass on this message. Whether it be wanted or not. Every reading will have a lighted candle placed for Spirit, and a blessing will be said for every client. You will receive your reading via a detailed written summary, and with images of your cards. When purchasing your reading, please send me your name and your date of birth. and your question (s). If you want to focus in on another person, please send me their name and date of birth also. I look forward to delivering your tarot reading. It is my honor to serve you and Spirit. Love & Light