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In this session we choose what areas you need help in generational trauma, developing gifts, everyday struggles, parenting, anything that aligns with my specialties. I am a Spiritual Liason My specialty is Emotional and Spiritual healing areas such as grief, generational trauma, career ambient abuse, toxic relationships, addictions, and so much more. I provide insight as to why things seem to be cycling or why it seems we take two step forwards, and all of a sudden 10 steps back. You aren’t alone. I’ve been it all to be able to insightfully help you heal.



I provide a variety of healing services. Meditation, coping methods, tarot readings, energy healing, how to connect with The Creator, manifesting (prayer), overcoming cycles/breaking through; just to name a few. Even if you just need someone to listen. We assess your needs and make a healing plan. I provide at will alternative healing methods. Please seek healthcare professional for severe cases.