I am a top rated Intuitive counsellor with Psychic mediumship ability; Also a certified therapist and corporate professional (on a sabbatical). I offer my services on  multiple global platforms and am blessed to have regular , repeat clientele!

I am not one to sugar coat things or waffle endlessly.. I will always tell you the truth of what I see and help you focus on your ultimate highest good. 

This reading is my longest available in terms of time great for when you have questions and need urgent clarity and advise. And a deep dive into issues and challenges you need perspective, clarity and guidance on!  

 When you book any of my services  you get an awesome mix of therapy and spirit wisdom all wrapped up in abundance.. I always , always , always help you find the silver lining. 

I have noticed that many people prefer chat as a medium , its quick its efficient and total value for money.

You get my complete attention and energy.  I am customising these to suit all budgets and schedules.

All you need to do is select your preferred time slot (give me a few options I am based in India which is GMT + 5.30 but I work with people all around the world…) so should be able to figure a mutually convenient time ( at the moment  I am able to accomodate most requests on a same day basis) . We can chat on IG or skype. 

I will request a picture and your date of birth + the date of birth for anyone you may be asking for.

These are not essential but they do help me connect with you energy. All my readings are rooted in love , abundance and your highest good always . I do not address questions related to death or gambling. I am not a doctor so my views do not replace a medical professional’s and I will always suggest you get legal , financial and medical advise from relevant professionals. , financial and medical advise from relevant professionals.

Love  & Light