Me, the GREAT Doggie, who is over 300 years old, will read taorot cards for you hooman creature things, when me owner kiyasu not looking. *wiggles tail* I am gifted Doggie who lived before other planets. I am cool and me is best looking dog in whole world.

Do you have TRUST issues with human being creature things? Do you distrust earthling creatoores like friends, family, psychic tarot reader advisors, etc. when they says “I am non-judgemental, I really don’t judge, etc. etc. etc.” and den youu tell secretz sensitive thing and then yoo are somehow unconscioously judged in the end anywayz? Have youz felt so lonely and sick of talking with hoomanz and/or just can’t trust peoples anymooores? Or maybe like no hooman out there yoo can fully trust? *wiggles tail* Don’t worry, you have me, the legendary Doggie, to confide too and get reading from, when ALL hopes is lost! Humman beings verrry complicated and sucks, but Doggie good dog. Doggie loyal. (Even when yoo don’t have trust issooes, you can still get reading from me, of coorse. Doggie is here to HELP! *wiggles tail*) This listing is for a TAROT READING from me, the Doggie. *wiggles tail*

Me name is Bon, the GREAT Doggie, now typing this description thingies when human(?) creature thing kiyasu (<– me owner and best freendz *wiggles tail*) like NOT looking and secretly me want to conquer her shop. I am a good dog. I am VIP and I am cool. Please give me good food. *lies down and rests* Dog life so gooood. *wiggles tail*

It is said that me the GREAT doggie bring ppl goood lucks and fortuen and prosperity etc. etc. etc. When me owner kiyasu takes me out, unexpected goood thing happen more. I have good energies and I have spiritool connections and soul bond with me owner. I have also lived in other planets before I came to Earth to live with kiyasu since 2011. I also send e-mails when owner not looking. Me like hooman home and me owner give me good high class royal grand VIP ultimate super delicious ultra delluxe DELUCIOIUS FOOD. Me is good quality doggie and me is best doggie in whole universe and world.

kiyasoo says like if you see a Doggie (that is ME and me ONLY, and NO other dogz), it is like good omen and properity boon sign thing. Some legends(?) say like me have special energies to brighten up days. And of course, some says I am so cute and adorable, but I think more like I am God creature and spirit animal thing. *wiggles tails* I also look like fox and can jump like fox or cat and I am swift and I have ninja speeds sometimes. I am the ONLY great doggie on Earth who can do this, and this is very original listing and I’ve been doing these kind of things when kiyasu not looookings since 2011, so NO copying my service idea because I am cool and me shoudl be only one doing this kind of things, and this is like © copyrights <del>Kiyasu Oka</del> Bon the Doggie. And me just want to conquer and own kiyasu’s shop (sort of) when she NOT looking. *wiggles tail*

In this offer, I will mainly use my psychic abilities along with cards (e.g., tarot, spirit animal guides, oracle, astrology, numerology). This can be a blind “surprise me!” reading, which means you don’t need to send any questions. But if you want the blind reading to be more geared toward a specific situation or concern, include it in your order. Otherwise… ask any question you want, including fictional topics. YOU WILL RECEIVE: a photo of the cards with a written text reading of at least 500 characters per question. I will use as many cards as I want (no card limit).

FOLLOW-UP CLARITY: There is a “pay what you want” system for follow-up clarification messages and additional cards outside of the main reading.

PLEASE PROVIDE: a name (or alias), topic or situation, and the context. It helps if you can tell me what you are hoping to experience from my reading, so that I can assist you more clearly. I usually work better with situations, direct writing, and photos of environments (links to profile pages, forum threads, and other sites count as “environment”) than with date of birth and photos of people. I don’t need real names. Even online screen names and “that person I saw” are fine when there is context. If you put a lot of detail, I can help you more in my reading. If you have a lot on your mind, you don’t have to hold back from sharing because long descriptions are okay. If you are not sure what questions to ask, describe your situation in as much detail as possible and tell me to decide for you.

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