Do you have some tarot questions and not sure what a card means? Did you pull some cards yourself and want guidance on how to interpret them? Need more ideas and interpretations to help you learn tarot? Want guidance from an ACTUAL psychic tarot reader who has been reading professionally? I can help you interpret your tarot card or spread! Reading a tarot card can be so multi-faceted, and the same card can completely change meaning within the same reading! This is where I can step in and give you a personalized interpretation. For the listing price, I will interpret up to 6 cards, but you can add more cards with a “pay what you want” tip system. In addition to tarot card interpretation for you, I can do add-on readings where I pull my own cards for you using my gifts and psychic abilities.

NOTE: Can also be oracle card, other kinds of cards, and items. If you send a photo of the card(s), feel free to decide that crystals, totems, runes, charms, dice, and other divination tools or items are a part of the “card count” instead. One crystal, tool, or item equals one “card.” Description of a clairvoyant vision, sounds and incidents that happen during the tarot reading, and metaphorical stuff can be included in the “card count.” For example:I pulled the Emperor (1) and the Six of Wands (2) for [situation and context] reading, and during this time it felt like I had a flashback of a fireplace image in my mind (3) that was very brief…? Think I also heard a dog outside my house started barking, and it felt quite different and I feel the need to include this somehow (4). What does this tarot reading mean?” can count as four “cards.”

YOU WILL RECEIVE: a written text interpretation of at least 500 characters per card. This is NOT a reading, but I will also include info from my psychic abilities. I will give you my interpretation of the cards and spread (if any). May or may not be a PDF file depending on the report. Your order will be delivered via the site’s messages system by default. If you want it also sent to an e-mail address or more, please include the e-mail(s) in your order form.

FOLLOW-UP CLARITY: There is a “pay what you want” system for follow-up clarification messages and add-on readings from me. So, if you want me to pull my own cards and include my own readings for the topic you were trying to read on, in addition to giving you your card interpretation document, I can do that.

PLEASE PROVIDE: the card(s) or spread you want an interpretation on, and what the context and situations are. If you have a photo of the card(s), it helps to include that because images in readings might affect the interpretation. If there are other people you were reading about, please also include their name (or alias), topic or situation, and context. It helps if you can tell me what you are hoping to experience, so that I can assist you more clearly. For add-on readings from me, I usually work better with situations, direct writing, and photos of environments (links to profile pages, forum threads, and other sites count as “environment”) than with date of birth and photos of people. I don’t need real names. Even online screen names and “that person I saw” are fine when there is context. If you put a lot of detail, I can help you more in my reading. If you have a lot on your mind, you don’t have to hold back from sharing because long descriptions are okay. If you are not sure what questions to ask, describe your situation in as much detail as possible and tell me to decide for you.

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